Our Staff

Dr. Guy Schumann
Senior Science Advisor

Dr. Guy Schumann is a Principal Scientist at Remote Sensing Solutions, Inc. and also the Founder of RSS-HydroSarl-S, an accredited private sector research institute. Dr. Schumann is currently also a Visiting Research Fellow at Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol and an affiliate at the Dartmouth Flood Observatory (DFO), INSTAAR at the University of Colorado Boulder, CO. He received both the M.Sc. (Remote Sensing) and Ph.D.(Geography) degrees from the University of Dundee (UK). Dr. Schumann is an internationally recognized expert in the field of remote sensing data integration with hydrodynamic modeling and particularly radar remote sensing and its use in flood models (Google Scholar). Most of his current work and projects are research projects focusing on remote sensing of river hydrodynamics and simulation of floodplain inundation. Dr Schumann is regularly assisting flood disaster response activities and is also involved in the Interoperability Program activities of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC). Furthermore, he is spearheading an international initiative to create a global high-accuracy, open-access digital elevation model.

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