Eastern Nile

Maps to Improve Emergency Warning and Resources Management in the Eastern Nile

The Eastern Nile feeds millions of people and help sustain the economies of 9 countries, yet more is known about how this river flooded a thousand years ago than how it floods today. Dozens of dams and a lack of hydromet data makes it difficult to model flooding and flood risk. As a result, the governments and communities around the river system do not get sufficient emergency warning.

The Eastern Nile Technical Office (ENTRO), a coalition of regional governments for managing shared resources, issues daily flood forecasts during the rainy season, intended for issuing evacuation. They also provide technical support for managing water resources and disaster planning. However, the flood forecasts only cover a small part of the basins and are not accurate enough for widespread use by local governments and agencies.

Using Cloud to Street’s flood maps of the region, ENTRO is calibrating their flood models for accurate flood forecasts, filling gaps in their risk maps for the basin, and determining which areas of the basin to prioritize next.

Population Served

1.3 million vulnerable identified