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Emmalina Glinskis
Global Program Manager

Emmalina Glinskis is a Global Program Manager working to deliver Cloud to Street's near-real time flood data to diverse users and stakeholders worldwide, translating the science to relevant country-wide action, planning, and response. She is broadly interested in coastal urban resilience to extreme events and sea level rise due to climate change through geospatial analysis, policy intervention, and green infrastructure & design. Her previous research background is in remote sensing applications to land use change, particularly at the nexus of deforestation and agroecology in tropical countries. After receiving a Bachelor's in Environmental Science from Columbia University, she pursued further ecological research in Antarctica and India, where she most recently completed a Fulbright Research Award focusing on landscape resilience and biomass mapping of smallholder rain-fed coffee agroforestry systems.

Emmalina has written for VICE News, The Nation, Current Conservation, and The Earth Institute. Her latest academic publication was featured in Land Use Policy.

Join us as we get millions of new people on climate insurance and map the 100 most vulnerable watersheds.

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