Our Staff

Erica Issenberg
Remote Sensing Analyst

Erica Issenberg is a Remote Sensing Analyst with Cloud to Street, assisting with flood mapping, flood monitoring, and data analysis, as well as supporting communications with partners on the frontlines of flood management. Her main interests lie in the use of GIS, remote sensing, and science communication to address the imminent impact that climate change and environmental disasters have on the world’s most vulnerable populations. Erica has a Master of Science in Environmental Science with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in International Development and Geography from Clark University. During her time at Clark University, Erica was a research assistant at Clark Labs, where she worked on a long-term research project that monitored global aquaculture production and its impact on coastal habitats. After graduating with her MS, Erica worked with the NASA DEVELOP National Program at Boston University, where she examined large-scale tidal inundation events and marine turbidity in Central Java, Indonesia.

Join us as we get millions of new people on climate insurance and map the 100 most vulnerable watersheds.

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