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Rapid Food Mapping Services during the Monsoon in the Rohingya Refugee Camps

Almost one million Rohingya people have been forced from their homes in Myanmar to a refugee camp in Bangladesh, located inside a rapidly changing floodplain. During floodings, local crisis managers need to know where floods are, who is stranded and how to get to them to safety. They also need to deliver food and life saving medical aid, and conduct search and rescue.

During the monsoons earlier this year, the local World Food Programme (WFP) requested that Cloud to Street and Planet provide rapid and consistent emergency information to be used for food delivery. The first large monsoon rains began this June 2017, affecting tens of thousands of people. Cloud to Street immediately provided its rapid online flood monitoring system to detect affected areas and blocked roads within the camps, using PlanetScope, RapidEye, TerrasSarX, SkyBox, Sentinel,-1, MODIS, LandSat and Sentinel-2.. An initial accuracy assessment of the maps, based on local observation points collected for Cloud to Street by WFP, shows the results to be highly accurate.