Our Flood Maps

Our flood maps are globally optimized and locally validated. They leverage multiple optical and radar satellites, and combined with local and remote flood observations, they create the most accurate and highest resolution image of a flood virtually anywhere in the world.


Global Flood Map Database:
Extreme Events from the past 20 years

Almost 1,000 of the world’s extreme flood events from the past 20 years have been mapped and publicly released in 2018. With support from Google Earth Outreach and in collaboration with the Dartmouth Flood Observatory.

Urban Flooding in Beira, Mozambique

Map from July 2017 created with with SkySat with 80cm resolution.

Permanent water provided by the EU Joint Research Centre.

Flooded agricultural fields in the Egyptian Delta

Sentinel-2 based flood map from August 8th 2017

Explore the Rio Salado Flood Dashboard

Landsat and MODIS events library and flood frequency analysis
used to assess flood damage in Argentina

2018 Flood Extent compared to the previous 32 years in Khartoum, Sudan

Combined MODIS and Landsat flood map

Flood Exposure in the Rohingya Refugee Camps Using Landsat

Over one million Rohingya refugees live in the Cox's Bazar refugees settlement camps inside a floodplain. During the 2018 Monsoons, Cloud to Street provided flood maps to the World Food Programme to help them distribute food relief (in collaboration with Planet Inc.).

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