Flood Response and Flood Risk Reduction
Products and Services

Weekly or Monthly Flood Status Reports

For Preparedness and Recovery

Emergency Activation for Flood Impacts

For Disaster Response

Dynamic Risk Assessment

For Disaster Risk Reduction, Sustainable Development, and Infrastructure Planning

Included with all standard products

Premium Services

Training and Capacity Building

  • Assessment of the preparedness and response capacity of government and humanitarian stakeholders
  • Human-centered design process with disaster decision-makers, hydromet or VAM staff, and beneficiaries to ensure the long-term sustainability and impact of advanced flood information systems
  • Advanced remote sensing and hydrology trainings for technical teams who will learn to program and analyze all free satellite imagery in the cloud

Model Validation and Calibration

  • Library of historic flood maps around the world down to 30cm resolution 
  • Custom accuracy assessment of hydrological model(s) using existing historical flood record and support on model improvement (coming soon)
  • Flood depth maps (if a sufficient DEM is available)

Emergency Monitoring and Communication

  • In-depth project report 
  • Provisional daily flood monitoring with public satellites (coming soon)
  • Proactive flood alerting for populations affected (coming soon)
  • Customized online decision-making dashboard with data integration into existing water or disaster information systems (coming soon)
  • Assessment of major changes in flood patterns potentially due to irrigation, urbanization, levees etc.


Government Agencies

Access hundreds of flood maps from around the world with resolutions from 250m to 80cm to calibrate models and provide disaster relief.

Humanitarian Organizations

Locate the people and assets affected in near real-time for search and rescue, and to quickly determine the relief required on the ground.

World’s largest Inventory of Maps

Historic flood maps at resolutions from 250m to 80cm and an average accuracy of 87% for model calibration and relief.

Emergency Response

Remotely detect and monitor floods in near realtime across any area to quickly find people and assets and to target relief.

Parametric Insurance

Automatically trigger payouts for farms and non-urban properties or verify primary damage assessments through a local optimized and proprietary flood detection algorithm.

Analytics for Watershed Management

See local flood exposure, measure flood patterns from the past 40 years, and evaluate the impact of dams and land use, all updated with a click of a button.


Trigger payouts to farms, people and properties. Verify damage through an automated flood detection system.


Map local vulnerability to view changing flood patterns over the past 30 years with constant updating.

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