A single information system to ensure you have the critical
information needed to prepare and respond to disasters.

Identify specific, flood-impacted locations and communities before stepping into the field.

  • See the extent of damaged assets—including croplands, homes and roads—in local districts
  • Quickly share critical information with field staff, decision makers, and donors in near real-time to streamline recovery efforts and secure necessary relief funding

Actively monitor flood conditions, emerging situations, and recently damaged areas.

  • Estimate localized flood risk by monitoring climate metrics such as river volume, rainfall, soil moisture and dam levels
  • Keep key stakeholders and funders informed by sharing comprehensive slide decks and reports prepared by Cloud to Street's scientific team

Leverage co-designed tools that integrate into existing decision-making processes and increase local capacity.

  • Participate in a customized preparedness and response capacity training

Identify every community and asset at risk from frequent flooding.

  • Overlay critical assets and vulnerability maps to assess which communities and assets need protection
  • Access an updated flood map each time there is a flood event or change to the watershed

Anticipate long-term flood damage to localized regions.

  • Speed up recovery efforts by monitoring affected assets including croplands and market prices
    Assess the connection between floods, market prices and vulnerability

Assess the accuracy of your existing flood model and calibrate your flood forecast.

  • Access our library of thousands of high-resolution flood extend maps for regions across the world
  • Receive an independent assessment of the accuracy of your flood model, and get a map with flood depth if a Digital-Digital Elevation Map (DEM) is available for your location
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